About us

At California Cowboy we believe you can use your personal style as a secret weapon to meet new people.  In analog.  Not swiping or liking, but actually looking into someone’s eyes and having a conversation with them. With your mouth.  Our product design gives you secret style weapons to make your social experience a better one.  We strive to make people laugh and think twice when encountering you – one of the Vital Few – our tribe.

In Texas, Cowboys ride horses.  In California, we ride waves and mountains, surfboards and skis.  

We have the lofty but achievable goal of sparking interesting conversation and bringing people together in an authentic, personal way.  The pioneering, rebellious, and free thinking “Cowboy” culture of California inspires our lives and our sense of humor, and we hope it rubs off on you socially and sensually. There’s nothing quite like owning your look to get a laugh, even if it comes at your own expense.  

California Cowboy design concepts are inspired by our daily experiences: getting out of the water after a surf, hitting happy hour with the squad, or heading from the slopes to après for a few bowls of loud mouth soup.  Being social, active, and optimistic is core to our mission, and hopefully yours too. Engage with others when it’s least expected, and if you’re so inclined, Come Together.