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We live in a digital world. Life still happens in Analog.

From the beginning California Cowboy has believed in bringing people together.  We are social animals. We own our technology. It does not own us.  These days we’ve been feeling the need to take a step back from swiping, liking, and corralling messages and DM’s. Cowboys know how to connect in a real, new-fashioned human way. Our product is designed to help you do just that.

I look upon every day to be lost, in which I do not make a new acquaintance

— Hunter S. Thompson

So how did we come up with the idea to use style and apparel to enhance digital wellness and create human connections?

It started with our Founder’s childhood story.

Hi - I’m Drew,

I’m an extreme extrovert who was born and raised in Southern California. For most of my childhood, I relished in the great outdoors - on the beach, in the mountains, and most importantly around friends new and old. That abruptly came to a halt when I became very ill at 17. I missed most of my senior year in high school and was thrust into isolation because of my suppressed immune system. This forced isolation allowed me a deeper understanding of the deep need for human connection.

Flash forward - I spent 15 years in the apparel industry studying how and why people choose their clothes, how your style allows you to silently communicate your identity.

California Cowboy was born from my realization that technical products should not only be designed for athletic performance. They can “perform” in more meaningful ways, to help you connect.

I always loved those indulgent moments of socializing after sport - colloquially known as “Après.” Tacos and beers after surfing. Cracking jokes around a fire pit after skiing. Toes in the sand moments. Hot tub dips.

California Cowboy exists to help people indulge in these moments, to help people come together like we did before notifications flooded our pockets and distracted our brains.

We’re fighting for more living in the moment. Inspiring more of what makes us feel truly alive. It’s our vision, to help everyone be more human. And all that from clothing. Ambitious, right?

So why the name California Cowboy?

Our name is a tip of the hat to the Cowboys who came before us.

Since 1849, adventurers and pioneers have converged in California, often risking their lives as they sought their future.  In those days, the pioneers were looking for gold.

More recently, our state became home to a different kind of pioneer: Cowboys who have revolutionized sports, film, music, and technology. We consider ourselves social Cowboys.  We’re brave enough to cut the cord for a bit to ensure we embrace the now, and live for life’s toes in the sand moments.  We believe that Cowboy lives in all of us.

We like to say that in Texas, cowboys ride horses but in California, we ride mountains and waves.